Your Compelling Reason

Before we begin, we need to talk about why this is worth doing for you. Within each of us, there is a deep well of power and certitude. When we feel our hearts and minds come together and meet in this special place, we are capable of extraordinary things. It’s like tapping into a river of passion and potential. The current is strong and steady. We are pulled along with a sense conviction and purpose.

In order for this process to be transformative, we’ll need to uncover your compelling reason. This will most likely be the focus of our first one-on-one session. Prior to that, you’ll want to take a little time to reflect on the idea of your compelling reason.

Here are some questions to help get your wheels turning:

What inspires you?
What lifts you up?
What do you love to share with others?
What makes you look forward to getting out of bed in the morning?

Get the idea?

In week one, we’ll expand on this through an exploration of “The three circles”. We’ll use this model as a simple construct through which you can view these interconnected  areas of your life. Our first few sessions together will be in large part dedicated to these three circles, and your relationship to them.

Before you formally hit the “Go” button on your 28 day journey, take a little time to consider what each of these circles means to you:


Think of this as an all-encompassing sense of having the right amount of energy to bring yourself fully to each day. Vitality can include everything from health and the strength of your immune system, to your fitness level, to the amount of energy you have to get through your day without crashing. How do you feel about your levels of vitality? 

Do your best to suspend judgement and allow this to be an interesting thought experiment. We’ll dig deeper in the first few days of your course.


There are two parts to this one. Consider the quality and health of the relationships you have with others, as well as the relationship you have with yourself. You may even want to reflect on different relationships in different settings. For example, what is similar and what is different in various relationships you have with friends, family, and coworkers? How do you treat and talk to yourself when you are in those different environments?

Remember to stay curious and play with this on a more cognitive level. Relationships can trigger a lot of strong emotional responses. For now, see if you can take a step back and view them through an impartial lens as best you can.


Who you are as a person, along with how you move and contribute to the world around you brings a sense of purpose and meaning to our lives. We’ll talk about the idea of “Spilling Over” in our time together. Think of value as the result of you filling yourself with the very best of who you can be, until it spills out to the benefit of the rest of us.

What is unique about you? How do you bring value to those around you? This is the third circle we will explore. Prior to our first meeting, you may even want to ask someone close to you what they think. How do they benefit from you being in their lives? It’s always interesting to see ourselves through the eyes of others!

That’s it! Take some time, consider the three circles, and when you are ready, schedule our first session through the calendar link and we’ll take our first steps together. Make sure you are ready to commit some time and attention to this process every day for 28 days. 

Looking forward to sharing in this next step of your personal journey and evolution!


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